Return of the Jedi (1983)
The Empire Falls...
poster Return of the Jedi
TMDb Rating:
7.9/10 (11345 votes)

Country:United States, 135 minutes

Spoken Languages:English

Genre(s):Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi

Director(s):Richard Marquand

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 1017

Luke Skywalker leads a mission to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, while the Emperor seeks to destroy the Rebellion once and for all with a second dreaded Death Star.


photo Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
photo Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Han Solo
photo Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher Princess Leia
photo Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian
photo Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels C-3PO
photo Peter Mayhew
Peter Mayhew Chewbacca
photo Sebastian Shaw
Sebastian Shaw Anakin Skywalker
photo Ian McDiarmid
Ian McDiarmid The Emperor
photo Frank Oz (voice)
Frank Oz (voice) Yoda
photo James Earl Jones (voice)
James Earl Jones (voice) Voice of Darth Vader
photo David Prowse
David Prowse Darth Vader
photo Alec Guinness
Alec Guinness Ben 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi
photo Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker R2-D2 / Paploo
photo Michael Pennington
Michael Pennington Moff Jerjerrod
photo Kenneth Colley
Kenneth Colley Admiral Piett
photo Michael Carter
Michael Carter Bib Fortuna
photo Denis Lawson
Denis Lawson Wedge
photo Tim Rose
Tim Rose Admiral Ackbar
photo Dermot Crowley
Dermot Crowley General Madine
photo Caroline Blakiston
Caroline Blakiston Mon Mothma
photo Warwick Davis
Warwick Davis Wicket
photo Jeremy Bulloch
Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett
photo Femi Taylor
Femi Taylor Oola
photo Annie Arbogast
Annie Arbogast Sy Snootles
photo Claire Davenport
Claire Davenport Fat Dancer