USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016)
1196 men aboard, 5 days in water, 317 survived
poster USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
TMDb Rating:
5.9/10 (468 votes)

Country:United States, 128 minutes

Spoken Languages:English, Japanese

Genre(s):Action, War

Director(s):Mario Van Peebles

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 1328

The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks.


photo Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Captain McVay
photo Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore McWhorter
photo Matt Lanter
Matt Lanter Bama
photo Thomas Jane
Thomas Jane Chuck Gwinn
photo Emily Tennant
Emily Tennant Clara
photo Craig Tate
Craig Tate Garrison
photo Cody Walker
Cody Walker West
photo James Remar
James Remar Admiral Parnell
photo Max Ryan
Max Ryan Lt. Chuck Gwinn
photo Currie Graham
Currie Graham Captain Ryan
photo Callard Harris
Callard Harris Lt. Standish
photo Brian Presley
Brian Presley Waxman
photo Patrice Cols
Patrice Cols Jean-Pierre
photo Shamar Sanders
Shamar Sanders Quinn
photo Yutaka Takeuchi
Yutaka Takeuchi Commander Hashimoto
photo Adam Scott Miller
Adam Scott Miller D'Antonio
photo José Julián
José Julián Sanchez
photo Weronika Rosati
Weronika Rosati Louise Mcvay
photo Gary Grubbs
Gary Grubbs Judge Bazemore
photo Emily Marie Palmer
Emily Marie Palmer Donna
photo Mattie Liptak
Mattie Liptak Paul
photo Johnny Wactor
Johnny Wactor Connor
photo Mandela Van Peebles
Mandela Van Peebles Throdore
photo Joey Capone
Joey Capone Alvin
photo Matthew Pearson
Matthew Pearson Deuce