West Side Story (1961)
The screen achieves one of the great entertainments in the history of motion pictures.
poster West Side Story
TMDb Rating:
7.3/10 (1258 votes)

Country:United States, 152 minutes

Spoken Languages:Spanish, English

Genre(s):Crime, Drama, Romance

Director(s):Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 1353

In the slums of the upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, a gang of Polish-American teenagers called the Jets compete with a rival gang of recently immigrated Puerto Ricans, the Sharks, to "own" the neighborhood streets. Tensions are high between the gangs but two kids, one from each rival gang, fall in love leading to tragedy.


photo Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood Maria
photo Richard Beymer
Richard Beymer Tony
photo Russ Tamblyn
Russ Tamblyn Riff
photo Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno Anita
photo George Chakiris
George Chakiris Bernardo
photo Simon Oakland
Simon Oakland Lieutenant Schrank
photo Ned Glass
Ned Glass Doc
photo William Bramley
William Bramley Officer Krupke
photo Tucker Smith
Tucker Smith Ice
photo Tony Mordente
Tony Mordente Action
photo David Winters
David Winters A-Rab
photo Eliot Feld
Eliot Feld Baby John
photo Bert Michaels
Bert Michaels Snowboy
photo David Bean
David Bean Tiger
photo Robert Banas
Robert Banas Joyboy
photo Scooter Teague
Scooter Teague Big Deal
photo Harvey Evans
Harvey Evans Mouthpiece
photo Tommy Abbott
Tommy Abbott Gee-Tar
photo Susan Oakes
Susan Oakes Anybodys
photo Gina Trikonis
Gina Trikonis Graziella
photo Carole D'Andrea
Carole D'Andrea Velma
photo Jose De Vega
Jose De Vega Chino
photo Jay Norman
Jay Norman Pepe
photo Gus Trikonis
Gus Trikonis Indio
photo Eddie Verso
Eddie Verso Juano