DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year (2016)
poster DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year
TMDb Rating:
5.7/10 (29 votes)

Country:United States, 72 minutes

Spoken Languages:English, Spanish

Genre(s):Animation, Family, Action

Director(s):Jennifer Coyle, Cecilia Aranovich

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 27

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana band together to navigate the twists and turns of high school in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year.


photo Grey DeLisle (voice)
Grey DeLisle (voice) Wonder Woman
photo Anais Fairweather (voice)
Anais Fairweather (voice) Supergirl
photo Mae Whitman (voice)
Mae Whitman (voice) Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Speed Queen
photo Tara Strong (voice)
Tara Strong (voice) Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy
photo Teala Dunn (voice)
Teala Dunn (voice) Bumblebee / Artemiz
photo Stephanie Sheh (voice)
Stephanie Sheh (voice) Katana
photo Anna Vocino (voice)
Anna Vocino (voice) Oracle
photo Misty Lee (voice)
Misty Lee (voice) Big Barda / Mad Harriet
photo Yvette Nicole Brown (voice)
Yvette Nicole Brown (voice) Amanda Waller
photo Tom Kenny (voice)
Tom Kenny (voice) Crazy Quilt / Commissioner Gordon / Parasite
photo Jessica DiCicco (voice)
Jessica DiCicco (voice) Star Sapphire
photo Dean Cain (voice)
Dean Cain (voice) Jonathan Kent
photo Tania Gunadi (voice)
Tania Gunadi (voice) Lady Shiva
photo Julianne Grossman (voice)
Julianne Grossman (voice) Hippolyta
photo John DiMaggio (voice)
John DiMaggio (voice) Gorilla Grodd
photo Josh Keaton (voice)
Josh Keaton (voice) Flash/Hal Jordan/Steve Trevor
photo Mona Marshall (voice)
Mona Marshall (voice) Eclipso
photo Khary Payton (voice)
Khary Payton (voice) Cyborg
photo Sean Schemmel (voice)
Sean Schemmel (voice) Dark Opal
photo Alexis G. Zall (voice)
Alexis G. Zall (voice) Lois Lane