Black Sheep (1996)
There's one in every family.
poster Black Sheep
TMDb Rating:
6.0/10 (266 votes)

Country:United States, 87 minutes

Spoken Languages:English


Director(s):Penelope Spheeris

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 294

When dignified Albert Donnelly runs for Governor, his team moves to keep his slow-witted and klutzy younger brother, Mike, out of the eye of the media. To baby-sit Mike, the campaign assigns sarcastic Steve, who gets the experience of a lifetime when he tries to take Mike out of town during the election.


photo Chris Farley
Chris Farley Mike Donnelly
photo David Spade
David Spade Steve Dodds
photo Tim Matheson
Tim Matheson Al Donnelly
photo Gary Busey
Gary Busey Drake Sabitch
photo Chris Owen
Chris Owen Hal
photo Bruce McGill
Bruce McGill Neuschwander
photo Boyd Banks
Boyd Banks Clyde Spinoza
photo Grant Heslov
Grant Heslov Robbie Mieghem
photo David St. James
David St. James Motorcycle Cop
photo Timothy Carhart
Timothy Carhart Roger Kovary
photo Michael Patrick Carter
Michael Patrick Carter Scott Colleary
photo Christine Ebersole
Christine Ebersole Governor Tracy
photo Skip O'Brien
Skip O'Brien State Trooper
photo Branden R. Morgan
Branden R. Morgan Fan
photo Gypsy Spheeris
Gypsy Spheeris Pocket Pool Lady
photo John Ashker
John Ashker Jim Blaine
photo James Noah
James Noah Mayor
photo Jonathan Everett Lewis
Jonathan Everett Lewis Carl
photo Kevin Farley
Kevin Farley Bouncer
photo John Farley
John Farley Bouncer