Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018)
As the Ripper stalks Gotham City, the Dark Knight reveals the face of terror.
poster Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
TMDb Rating:
6.6/10 (467 votes)

Country:United States, 78 minutes

Spoken Languages:English

Genre(s):Thriller, Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

Director(s):Sam Liu

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 5

In an alternative Victorian Age Gotham City, Batman begins his war on crime while he investigates a new series of murders by Jack the Ripper.


photo Bruce Greenwood (voice)
Bruce Greenwood (voice) Bruce Wayne / Batman
photo Jennifer Carpenter (voice)
Jennifer Carpenter (voice) Selina Kyle
photo Anthony Stewart Head (voice)
Anthony Stewart Head (voice) Alfred
photo Scott Patterson (voice)
Scott Patterson (voice) James Gordon
photo John DiMaggio (voice)
John DiMaggio (voice) Chief Bullock / Big Bill Dust / Additional Voices
photo Yuri Lowenthal (voice)
Yuri Lowenthal (voice) Harvey Dent
photo Grey DeLisle (voice)
Grey DeLisle (voice) Sister Leslie / Jason / Additional Voices
photo William Salyers (voice)
William Salyers (voice) Hugo Strange
photo Bob Joles (voice)
Bob Joles (voice) Mayor Tolliver
photo Tara Strong (voice)
Tara Strong (voice) Marlene
photo Kari Wuhrer (voice)
Kari Wuhrer (voice) Barbara Gordon / Pamela Isley
photo Lincoln Melcher (voice)
Lincoln Melcher (voice) Dickie
photo Bruce Timm (voice)
Bruce Timm (voice) Arkham Radio Man
photo David Forseth (voice)
David Forseth (voice) Cyrus Gold
photo Chris Cox (voice)
Chris Cox (voice) Father Callahan / Additional Voices