Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
Kill or be killed!
poster Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
TMDb Rating:
6.2/10 (716 votes)

Country:United States, 86 minutes

Spoken Languages:English

Genre(s):Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director(s):Tom McLoughlin

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 502

Determined to finish off the infamous killer Jason Voorhees once and for all, Tommy Jarvis and a friend exhume Jason’s corpse in order to cremate him. Things go awry when Jason is instead resurrected, sparking a new chain of ruthlessly brutal murders. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop the dark, devious and demented deaths that he unwittingly brought about.


photo Thom Mathews
Thom Mathews Tommy
photo Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke Megan Garris
photo David Kagen
David Kagen Sheriff Garris
photo Kerry Noonan
Kerry Noonan Paula Mott
photo Renée Jones
Renée Jones Sissy
photo Tom Fridley
Tom Fridley Cort
photo C.J. Graham
C.J. Graham Jason
photo Darcy DeMoss
Darcy DeMoss Nikki
photo Vincent Guastaferro
Vincent Guastaferro Deputy Rick Cologne
photo Tony Goldwyn
Tony Goldwyn Darren
photo Nancy McLoughlin
Nancy McLoughlin Lizbeth
photo Ron Palillo
Ron Palillo Allen Hawes
photo Alan Blumenfeld
Alan Blumenfeld Larry
photo Matthew Faison
Matthew Faison Stan
photo Ann Ryerson
Ann Ryerson Katie
photo Whitney Rydbeck
Whitney Rydbeck Roy
photo Courtney Vickery
Courtney Vickery Nancy
photo Bob Larkin
Bob Larkin Martin
photo Michael Swan
Michael Swan Officer Pappas
photo Mike Nomad
Mike Nomad Thornton
photo Wallace Merck
Wallace Merck Burt
photo Roger Rose
Roger Rose Steven
photo Cynthia Kania
Cynthia Kania Annette
photo Thomas Nowell
Thomas Nowell Tyen
photo Justin Nowell
Justin Nowell Billy