Navy Seals (1990)
Born to risk, trained to win, they're Navy Seals.
poster Navy Seals
TMDb Rating:
5.3/10 (141 votes)

Country:United States, 113 minutes

Spoken Languages:English


Director(s):Lewis Teague

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 793

During a rescue mission, a team of Navy Seals discover that a terrorist group have access to deadly US built Stinger missiles, and must set out to locate and destroy them before they can be used.


photo Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen Lt. Dale Hawkins
photo Michael Biehn
Michael Biehn Lt. James Curran
photo Joanne Whalley
Joanne Whalley Claire Varrens
photo Rick Rossovich
Rick Rossovich James Leary
photo Cyril O'Reilly
Cyril O'Reilly Homer Rexer
photo Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton Floyd Dane
photo Dennis Haysbert
Dennis Haysbert Billy Graham
photo Paul Sanchez
Paul Sanchez Ramos
photo Nicholas Kadi
Nicholas Kadi Ben Shaheed
photo Ronald G. Joseph
Ronald G. Joseph Capt. Dunne
photo S. Epatha Merkerson
S. Epatha Merkerson Jolena
photo Gregory McKinney
Gregory McKinney U.S. Helicopter Pilot
photo Rob Moran
Rob Moran U.S. Helicopter Co-Pilot
photo Richard Venture
Richard Venture Admiral Colker
photo Mark Carlton
Mark Carlton Jim Elmore
photo Ira Wheeler
Ira Wheeler Warren Stinson
photo Ron Faber
Ron Faber General Mateen
photo William Cort
William Cort Elliott West
photo Randy Hall
Randy Hall Elliott West
photo William Frederick Knight
William Frederick Knight Submarine Captain
photo Nehme Fadlallah
Nehme Fadlallah Ali
photo Marc Zuber
Marc Zuber Villa Hostage
photo Vic Tablian
Vic Tablian Terrorist
photo Nayef Rashed
Nayef Rashed Latanya Captain
photo George Jackos
George Jackos Druze Fighter