Stand by Me (1986)
For some, it's the last real taste of innocence, and the first real taste of life.
poster Stand by Me
TMDb Rating:
7.9/10 (4098 votes)

Country:United States, 89 minutes

Spoken Languages:English

Genre(s):Crime, Drama

Director(s):Rob Reiner

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 997

Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern are four friends who decide to hike to find the corpse of Ray Brower, a local teenager, who was hit by a train while plucking blueberries in the wild.


photo Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton Gordie Lachance
photo River Phoenix
River Phoenix Chris Chambers
photo Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman Teddy Duchamp
photo Jerry O'Connell
Jerry O'Connell Vern Tessio
photo Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland Ace Merrill
photo Casey Siemaszko
Casey Siemaszko Billy Tessio
photo Gary Riley
Gary Riley Charlie Hogan
photo Bradley Gregg
Bradley Gregg Eyeball Chambers
photo Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver Vince Desjardins
photo Marshall Bell
Marshall Bell Mr. Lachance
photo Frances Lee McCain
Frances Lee McCain Mrs. Lachance
photo Bruce Kirby
Bruce Kirby Mr. Quidacioluo
photo William Bronder
William Bronder Milo Pressman
photo Scott Beach
Scott Beach Mayor Grundy
photo Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Dreyfuss The Writer
photo John Cusack
John Cusack Denny Lachance
photo Madeleine Swift
Madeleine Swift Waitress
photo Popeye
Popeye Chopper
photo Geanette Bobst
Geanette Bobst Mayor's Wife
photo Art Burke
Art Burke Principal Wiggins
photo Matt Williams
Matt Williams Bob Cormier
photo Andy Lindberg
Andy Lindberg Lardass Hogan
photo Dick Durock
Dick Durock Bill Travis
photo O.B. Babbs
O.B. Babbs Lardass Heckler /#1
photo Charlie Owens
Charlie Owens Lardass Heckler /#2